Daily Breads

The Whole Wheat Flour We use is 100% Oklahoma Grown by John's Farm in Fairview, Ok. It is certified Organic and NON-GMo.

Our Pecans are 100% from Knights Farms in Jenks Oklahoma. We use the smaller Native pecans when available for their more intense flavor

 100% Oklahoma Sprouted Wheat Bread

All of our whole wheat flour and berries come from John's Farm in Fairview Oklahoma. We sprout and grind the grains in house, add a touch of honey and olive oil.

Whole Wheat Levain

Our basic, traditional wheat bread. Levain is a French term meaning "to rise, give life to," and this recipe dates back at least to the 16th century French countryside. Sifted wheat flour (some of it stone-ground) is naturally fermented, using the wild yeast that lives on the outside of the grain. This mildly sour starter is built into a hearty bread dough with filtered water, sea salt, and the smallest pinch of malted (sprouted) barley flour.

Tuscan Bread

A traditional Italian loaf from the Tuscany region. Crisp crust and light, airy crumb (interior).

Twelve Grain

A "levain" with 12 cracked grains.

"Wholly Granola"

The 12-grain loaf with added nuts, wheatberries, oats and raisins.


Stirato is an Italian verb to stretch. This dough is too wet to mold into a regular loaf and is consequently stretched into a rustic free-form shape. Very crusty, with a contrasting moist and open-holed crumb. Very similar to ciabatta ("slipper bread").

Sourdough Rye

A hearty European style full-flavored rye with coarsely ground rye meal.

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

Makes a crispy, flavorful, lean pizza.

Sourdough Boule

More sour than the levains, and lighter flour.  This is a European style sourdough, there is no milk or vinegar in the sour starter. It’s merely untreated flour and water and the left over starter from the day before.


Popularized in France in the last 125 years; a light, crusty, thin loaf that goes with everything.

Foccacia Round

Our foccacia is made less flat than the traditional, to give added moisture and last longer. All of our foccacia's use roasted garlic. Variations include Pecarino Romano cheese, Greek kalamata olives, or rosemary and green onions.

Raisin & Cinnamon

About 50% whole wheat flour, some tangy sour starter and really plump raisins.

Honey-Challah Braid

This is a traditional Jewish bread, although many countries produce similar egg breads. Ours uses raw honey and olive oil in a 6-ply braid. Baked every Friday and special occasions.

Special Breads

Tex-Mex Peppers, Corn and Cheddar Cheese

Dark Rye 50% rye meal and 50% stone-ground, sifted wheat

Honey Challah Jewish egg bread

Blueberry Corn With walnuts

Cherry Pecan Made from our popular levain

Bread Storage Tips

If you will use it in one or two days, keep it in the paper sack. If you will keep it longer, and re-crisp the crust in the toaster or oven. If you need to keep it longer than three days, portions may be frozen in plastic bags, just remember to thaw it in the plastic bag before opening it.